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Date:2002-09-02 16:36
Subject:new livejournal _ohgirl
Mood: determined

i just noticed that there's a bunch of people who still have xvictoriax (this journal) on their friends list. I don't use this one anymore so I figured I'd post one last time to urge people to add my new livejournal to their friends list:
go change it now.

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Date:2002-08-03 02:47

changed my livejournal name:

people have no respect...
people are starting shit...
i'm just gonna keep my mouth a little more closed from now on....
edit ur friends and put my new name there...

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Date:2002-08-02 14:07
Subject:no, you don't have to pay me back.
Mood: crushed

wish i didnt have work today.
hang from that basketball hoop forever...
i wish my eyes were a camera...so you wouldn't know when i document your every move.
sigh, it's all so amazing.
kisses on shoulders and hugs so tight.
if only you'd admit you like it too.

i signed up for an art conspiracy account last night. i didn't put much stuff up yet because i wasn't up for scanning it all yet. but go check it out anyway...
(i couldnt get the links to work right sorry ) :

(leave comments and stuff)

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Date:2002-08-01 19:06
Subject:50 by next saturday
Mood: nostalgic

and the song played on... and my heart was bouncing. and it was lovely. i just wish i could push replay. i just wish i knew it wouldnt end when the song did. i just wish something more was there.

my family hates me. i need somewhere to go.

i dont fucking want to be alone anymore. i can only say that so many times.

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Date:2002-08-01 04:41
Subject:i hate myself.
Mood: depressed

so upset.
crying for hours.
would rather not exist right now.
wish this world would just end.

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Date:2002-07-31 13:16
Mood: excited

just woke up- to beautiful and lovely IMs and voicemail messages... all happy birthday and what not.
i love everyone today.

shoppping with my brother this morning.... then off to do something fun, then to the show tonight....


i miss drew.

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Date:2002-07-31 01:39
Subject:18 years, 1 hours and 39 minutes old.
Mood: high

it's my birthday... WHEEEEEEEEEE!
moving on...
i got a new book today. i'm very excited about it.
went out to stir crazy... got the vegetarian meal. it was real good. i want to keep ray in my pocket.
got a new hives cd and sebadoh cd today. yay...
noelle is great. i miss her dearly.
fun stuff tomorrow...

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Date:2002-07-25 08:25
Subject:get ready...
Mood: gloomy

babysitting 8:45-1 = tiring walking around nyack all morning
photography class = 3-5:40
hot topic = 6-close....

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Date:2002-07-25 03:38
Subject:i was wrong.
Mood: anxious

things are looking up again...

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Date:2002-07-25 00:40
Subject:fly on my sweet angel.
Mood: accomplished

so yes, i got my wings finished today. ouch. so very painful...
but they're done, and i love every inch of them.....
this is the only picture i could get up here now.. and it doesnt do them justice... but more will come.


(ps. i love this song so very much)

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Date:2002-07-24 12:00
Subject:sure, now he'll talk to me.
Mood: tired

so tired. I have to go to the bank to switch my account. It's all sorts of fucked up. They canceled my debit card already, cuz I tried to buy an Invader Zim shirt yesterday and my card got declined, yet i have over $500 in my account. Bastards. So i need like $400 for my tattoo today so I have to go to the bank and work everything out before i go. I'm picking up Jill and then picking up Kate... They both want to talk to Paula about stuff...
I can't wait until they are done and healed... it will be great.
Noelle is starting her move today... hope it's going well.

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Date:2002-07-24 01:56
Subject:i wish i heard from you again.
Mood: blah

nothing to do tonight.
i can practically put my hair in a ponytail. that is a sign that it is way too long.

i wish i wasn't sleeping alone tonight.

one day i want to be able to use to "loved" mood icon.

maybe i will just for fun.

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Date:2002-07-23 18:50
Subject:the pain will feel good tomorrow.
Mood: aggravated

it's storming out. rain, thunder, lightning... i have to drive to work now. sigh. i hope i get there o.k.
I don't know why but I just changed my shirt like 5 times...
I need to talk to drew, i'm losing my mind. he puts me through hell, i don't think he even knows.
i don't think he even cares.
i don't want to go to work...
i need time to myself..... i need to think. i'm a mess.

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Date:2002-07-23 18:05
Subject:how do people find happiness?
Mood: sympathetic

i heard your voice and it was filled with tears.

and it broke my heart...

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Date:2002-07-23 13:39
Subject:please, please, i'm running out of sympathy.
Mood: rushed

once again i had stuff do to but i slept too late.
(order flo's shoes, order shannon's plugs)
I have photo class at 3... i have to go buy more paper first, i ran out. damn.
I have work from 7:30-close. what lame hours... like 3 hours. what a waste.

getting tattooed tomorrow. rock on.

(someone send me an angel.)

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Date:2002-07-23 02:36
Subject:i miss noelle.
Mood: depressed

work tonight was fine. i went out and drank a little. i'm feeling ok right now.... im a wreck. theres noone online to talk to. im so alone
i broke down, i called drew. i havent talked to him since fucking 4th of july. im so sad. im so miserable. i called, he wasnt home. he didnt call me back. tomorrow it'll be 20 days since i've talked to him. i wish he cared... he doesnt care at all.. it fucking kills me.
tomorrow i have class, then work........ sigh.
i ate well today. i hope all this works. cuz it's really hard.
i wish i could meet somebody.
i wish someone loved me back....
i can't wait to go to purchase, hopefully i'll find happiness there...
if anyone can help me out, please do.

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Date:2002-07-22 14:11
Subject:yes, i said i'd meet you there...
Mood: aggravated

I slept too long. I wanted to get up around 10 or 11 and go walking... but now it's 2:15 and I have to leave for work at 3.
I watched Corky Romano with Scott and Noelle yesterday. it was fun... I like to hang out with them, but chris was there. he gives me the same kinda feelings i get when i see montana. i want to fucking knock him out and then throw up because everything he says makes me fucking sick.
i wish i could've gone to the converge show yesterday.
What's healthy to eat for breakfast? hmmm....

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Date:2002-07-22 03:54
Subject:make me beautiful.
Mood: depressed

cried on my drive home.
i dont want to be alone anymore.

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Date:2002-07-21 08:00
Mood: angry

i just went to work and my manager wasnt there...
i sat outside hot topic for 40 minutes
im pissed.

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Date:2002-07-21 06:23
Subject:beautiful boys will keep me up
Mood: cranky

mmm. work-so early. sigh
must sleep more.

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